Website Content

Always keep your site updated

If your customers' first experience of your brand/business is your website and they see outdated content, they will be far less likely to attempt to employ your services in case you are no longer functioning as a business. Seeing content that is up-to-date provides your customer with a sense of trust that you are organised and care about the impression you give.


Talk to your customers every day

Become friends with your audience. Build your brand's persona via the social media platform. Social media like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter has set the stage for the amazing tool of para-marketing which is where your audience see your brand personified by your business accounts and feel like they are friends with your brand.

Physical Presence

Make your space beautiful

A customer base will always be more attracted to a beautiful space. Aesthetics is almost everything if you are choosing between 2 shop fronts next to each other. Don't assume the look doesn't matter if your service is not focussed on aesthetics. Customers waiting for their new car tyres to be refitted will prefer to sit in a beautiful space, compared to something less attractive.



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