The Purpose of Social Media

Brigital will help you become a social media force to be reckoned with, or will take over your accounts and do all the hard work so you don't have to!


For aesthetically-minded businesses

Image-focussed. Build up your followers by posting beautiful photos of your product, your services, what you have on offer with your business. Great for fashion, art, food, hotels, bars, restaurants, bloggers, and so much more. Generally for brands that are aesthetically based.


For all businesses

A great way of connecting with customers. Facebook can be used to update your audience on daily goings-on, specials, events, deals etc. All businesses and brands can benefit from having a Facebook presence, but it needs to be done correctly and used effectively.


Great for individuals to self-promote

Twitter is a great medium for entrepreneurs, public figures, academics and journalists. Tweets need to be concise and to the point. The aim is to get people having back and forth conversations about things that are topical. 

Business-wise, this works for building up solo enterprises. If they have enough of a following on Twitter, people will have that figure in the back of their mind and associate that person with their industry.

Generally tweets should contain interesting content, relevant facts or witty insights. It is important to maintain a sense of your brand's personality and build up a certain impression for your audience.


A great way to group your thoughts and interests

Fans and customers will love to see the way you think. Pinterest is a great way to display to people what you are interested in, the kind of things you like and what really inspires you.

Use this medium to get your customers to know your brand as a para-marketing tool. Customers will feel like they can relate to you if they know what kind of things you and your business like to associate yourself with. 

Another use for Pinterest is actually placing your products on there to be pinned. You can add a price and pinners can buy directly from Pinterest. How Pinteresting...!

The main aim of social media is to be at the front of your followers' minds in your industry. The more social media use, the better.