Website Design

If you have just started a new business, or if your existing business has never made it online, you will need a website. There are several options for website types, and it really depends what information your customers need and how frequently that information needs to be updated. See below for some standard options, which can always be tweaked according to your business' needs.


Static 3 page

If your business is a physical shop/venue, this is the bare minimum you will require to deliver necessary information for current and potential customers. The three pages will have the same information and will only change if something in your business changes. The three pages will consist of a home page, about page and contact page. The home page introduces your business and gives any extra information to your customers. The second page will be an about page, which gives some history and some more detailed information about the business and the way it is run. This page could also introduce some of the staff members who work there. The contact page shows customers how to get in touch and provides a location for the business.

Dynamic 4 page

This website option is good for a business that likes to regularly update aspects of their business e.g. a restaurant that would like to update their menu regularly, or add a new special every day/week. The standard home, about and contact would remain, but the fourth page would allow for an update as frequently as required. This also gives the option of updating the home page regularly so that customers will see something new on the landing page each time they visit the business' website.

Dynamic 5 page

As above, the home, contact and about page would remain, but there would be the option to upload menu changes etc., as well as a blog post to keep your customers updated in your own voice and to personalise your interaction with your audience. The blog post would be able to be shared on social media, which is a great way to direct traffic to your website, and therefore build up customers.